Press N Stick Calendars

There’s a reason that Promoz is the #1 Press n Stick calendar rep in the country with Kaeser & Blair.

That reason- We know calendars work!

Statistics show that households have an average of four calendars per home and that the typical businessperson has an average of 2.5 calendars in his/her immediate work area. There is no question that calendars are a necessity as people juggle busy personal and business schedules. The demand for calendars on an annual basis provides an ideal opportunity to use them as an advertising vehicle.

A promotional product that’s great all year long! Made of 30% post-consumer waste, this 14 month calendar pad is a popular way to stay connected with your valued customers. Some of the benefits of this particular calendar include Early Order Pricing, 30 to 60 more days of daily exposure, longer distribution time. An ideal promotional product that’s proudly made in the USA!


“The only advertising people ask for” is calendar advertising. Unlike television viewers or newspaper readers, customers essentially ask for this advertisement year after year. People need and use calendars to manage their time and receiving a calendar as a gift makes it all the more beneficial.

These wonderful little press n stick or adhesive calendars are simple enough to hand out! All come with free counter display. We encourage our clients to send them out with a holiday greeting card, letter or even in the company invoices or newsletters.

From plain pads to full color images on the pad, we can find a perfect image for your company.     The vinyl header is where your imprint goes and we offer standard rectangles or many other stock shapes. A ton of vinyl colors as well to choose from. We can imprint your message in one color or all the way to a photographic image- your choice.

Let Promoz, the #1 calendar rep for Kaeser & Blair, help you with your calendars!

We’ve been offering calendars for more than 25 years! We know what we’re doing!

Visit our web pages for more information and images!  And even more options on our Peel n Stick Calendar LINK


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