RuMe Imprinted Medium Tote

You know the Retail Brand RuMe. Now we can imprint this wonderful brand with your logo! Associate your Brand with these RuMe totes and you’ll look like retail too!

RuMe stands for Reuse Me! Eco-friendly and highly recommended, these RuMe medium totes are sure to become the tote they always grab!

The RuMe plant is in Colorado! We visited the plant recently and discovered their imprint process, attention to detail and manufacturing process is exceptional! With perfect imprint colors and creative services to inspire you, the folks at RuMe are dedicated to providing the best promotional products in the USA.

The RuMe Medium Tote is the world’s best all-everything tote that’s small enough to stow anywhere when compacted, but big enough to hold anything with its square bottom and double-bound seams that can carry up to 50 lbs.

The tote is designed with 4″ gusset that lends a supportive structure to the tote and is made from machine washable polyester for durable re-use. The sewn-in velcro straps contains the tote when rolled so it stays small and easy to pack away when not in use.

Available in two imprint methods. Super crisp imprint with either method!

Heat-transfer vinyl imprint is digitally with full-color, photo-quality artwork and precision machine cut before being pressed onto the product. Standard imprint area is 25 sq. inches.

Dye Sublimation imprint process uses heat to permanently transfer a photo quality imprint into the substrate of a variety of different materials, such as fabric, metal, wood, etc.

Keep them in your purse for spontaneous shopping trips, throw a couple in the car for the kids’ library trips, and keep a few in your suitcase for souvenirs. Gussets along the side provide extra structure and space so that you can hold large, bulky items or many, many small items easily. Double-stitched seams and squared corners give these bags extra structure so that they lay comfortably against your hip. This bag is so special, it’s patented!

Uses for Medium Totes: Reusable grocery bag, Shopping bag, Reusable gift wrap bag! Perfect for traveling! The RuMe custom bag rolls-up and fits in the palm of your hand!

Giving your clients and employees their favorite tote will insure your logo is seen every week!

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