Promotional Webcam Covers give peace of mind

All industries have ONE thing in common and that is they all use TECHNOLOGY!  We have sold promotional WebCam Covers to all industries i.e. government, education, tech, healthcare, food, utilities and on and on.  Our WebCam Covers keep YOUR LOGO FRONT AND CENTER while providing PRIVACY PROTECTION to your customers.

In Philadelphia a local school district was caught webcam spying on students while at home with school issued laptops.  The school district settled the class action lawsuit for $610,000 and have paid $1,200,000 in legal representation fees. Bet they wish they had incorporated a promotional webcam cover in a student give away!

In June of 2010 new allegations that another student-issues laptop secretly recorded more than 8,000 images.  The latest accusations, which were said to occur during a six-month period has left the student “shocked, and severely emotionally distressed.”  According to a federal-invasion-of-privacy lawsuit, which seeks unspecified monetary damages.

In 2011, naked photos of Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson made their way onto the Web. The photos, which Johansson had taken herself with her smartphone, were posted on a variety of different sites, and then went viral. Webcam covers would have never allowed that to happen!

Such things happened to a whole host of celebrities, including Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. No doubt, they had something to worry about — but as it turns out, so do normal people.

It’s a process called “sextortion,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: sexual extortion. It all begins when someone gets their hands on a racy photo of you. It could be that your phone got stolen, or that an ex-boyfriend decided sharing those nude pictures was a fun way to get over you, or that someone broke into your home computer and programmed the webcam to take photos of you without your knowledge.

“I just could not believe that this was actually happening to me,” said M, a sextortion victim who wished not to be identified by his full name, “I thought it was a prank, but it wasn’t.”

It seems like a nightmare scenario, but it happens to real people. Luis Mijangos of Santa Ana, Calif., was sentenced to six years in prison in 2011 for hacking into the computers of more than 100 women and teenage girls. If he found nude photos, Mijangos would contact the women and threaten to post the images online unless they provided more naked photos.

The only way to stop webcam hacking is to cover your webcam.  Promoz has the solution!

The stories are endless on others who have been spied on through their own computers, Smart TV’s and other devices. You’ll be a star in your clients eyes by providing them with a useful promotional product that gives them peace of mind!

In 2015 the promotional Webam Cover was awarded the GOLD PYRAMID award for best marketing campaign by PPAI. This campaign was so successful that it was ran twice. The campaign included a direct mail piece that was printed full color front and back, with variable data on the back side and the product attached to the front side. This direct mail piece was shipped via USPS First Class mail for .71 each.

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