What’s Your Signature Promotional Gift?

Do you have a signature promotional gift? Do you ever wish you had an instant gift for the unexpected?

Have any of these scenarios ever happened to you?

  • The phone rings or a prospect walks in and out of the clear blue sky, a new client lands in your lap that makes your entire week?
  • A unexpected guest shows up?
  • You’re out making sales calls and finally land the “big fish” that you’ve been trying to attract for a year?
  • Do you get phone calls or have people stop in wanting you to donate for a fund-raising eventcharity event or event sponsorship? You don’t have anything to easily give, so you decline.

Now wouldn’t it be nice when the unexpected happens you had a signature promotional gift? A nice gift that acts like a thank you gift or sponsorship item instantly?

At Promoz we called this your “signature product“. A promotional product that you have on hand that can be used instantly for anyone at any time! The product that you have in stock at all times.

We recommend that you keep about 25 pieces of a medium to high end signature product on hand at all times.

promotional gift cutting board

Some suggestions for your signature promotional gift would be a logo’d umbrella or wood cutting board with cheese tools. Other appreciated promotional gifts are a wine tote with corkscrew or travel blanket. You could do a nice stainless steel travel mug with goodies prepackaged in a cellophane bag and bow.

The list is endless. The item wouldn’t have to be expensive. Hence, a nice piece that reflects your sincerity.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if your signature promotional gift correlated with your business? You’d create such a lasting impression.

We can help you find “the perfect promotional signature gift”.

Most of all, the point here is to have something on hand that can be given out instantly! Promote your good name and business quickly and with earnest.  A promotional gift that you can give instantly. As a result, you can now say “Thank You, Thanks for the Opportunity, Thanks for the Referral, or yes I’d be happy to donate something for your charity event!”

What’s your promotional signature gift? 

Signature promotional gift mug
signature promotional gift wine tote
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